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The CEO of Advanced Insurance Systems Inc. was in the insurance retail agency business for eighteen years. Unfortunately it was only during the last couple of years that he realized the profits from operating his own premium finance company. Please do not make the same mistake. Start your in-house premium finance company NOW!

The greater percentage of the insureds in this country either cannot or would prefer not to pay their entire premium at one time. Some agents choose to treat such premiums as partial payments and the result is they incur accounts receivables that remain open for months while they have already paid the GA or Insurance Company in full for the premium.

Not only do you not usually receive any interest for the loan but you also incur a risk of unpaid earned premium because the insured might not pay the balance when it is due.

Like most agencies, you probably already offer your insureds the option to finance their insurance premiums with the General Agent or Insurance Company affiliated insurance premium finance company. Or perhaps you have a relationship with an independent insurance premium finance company that provides good service and maybe (if lawful) provides you a rebate or other financial incentive for your business.

Why give the “finance charge” to others? You can realize an average 25% return on your investment by financing your own premiums!

It only takes about ten (10) hours per week for the average in-house premium finance company to enter new accounts, enter payments and run late and cancel notices. A member of your existing staff can be the main operator of your insurance premium finance company.

Depending on the types of policies you finance (6 or 12 month term) (personal or commercial) you could make $50,000 to $60,000!

This will be the best investment decision you can make and it will certainly shorten the path to your retirement!

Our team is here to walk you through the process. We will:

  • Advise and assist you with all aspects of the licensing process.
  • Advise and assist you with the drafting of all your forms.
  • Our staff attorney will advise you regarding proper adherence to your state’s requirements.
  • Advise you regarding obtaining funds from your bank, private investors, agency cash flow or outside sources.
  • Educate you and/or your staff on the financing of insurance premiums.
  • Speak to your accountant regarding p & l considerations.
  • Provide you with all your computer hardware or we will assist you in the selection of your computer.