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More than most, you are a sophisticated user. You carefully monitor profitability and we will provide you with the tools to do so:

  • FinanceMaster®  provides search criteria for reports so you can analyze production, cancellations, and write-offs.
  • The ‘control summary report’ offers an analysis of your receivables by account status, ageing, agent, state, line of business, etc…
  • FinanceMaster®  offers you the ability to utilize exception reporting so instead of viewing pages and pages of ‘normal’ business you can target the exceptions.
  • Though we pride ourselves on the library of reports offered in FinanceMaster® , we also give you the option to export data to Excel.

When you’re competing for business, you must be able to offer unlimited customizable and flexible rate plans. FinanceMaster®  provides you with the means to do so.

You enter the parameters for quoting and processing accounts that can easily vary by agent or state or line of business.

If the agent exceeds the parameters (down payment too low or payments too high) the web-based point-of-sale agent portal displays a message to “Please contact the finance company to obtain authorization” so you may choose to give a code to the agent that allows him/her to proceed with the exception.

  • We have gained a great deal of expertise in the insurance premium finance industry during the last thirty years that will prove most helpful as we discuss your particular needs.
  • Our standard features will allow you to customize the FinanceMaster®  system to suit your needs. Sure, we have programmers ready to define and create customized programs but first, give us the opportunity to show you the flexibility of FinanceMaster®  and how you can use its software “switches” to turn features on or off for different states, agents or lines of business.
  • Financemaster®  contains robust and practical bonus routines over which you have complete control by state and agent. The agent’s web-based portal allows the agents to choose the bonus level they want subject to the restrictions you put into place.
  • All of the FinanceMaster®  forms can be sent by email which is particularly economical in those states that permit the emailing of critical forms.
  • Our software has many features that will help you provide better service to your producers. For example, your agents will have instant access to their accounts simply by logging into your web site. Furthermore, while at your web site, they can post payments, run production and cancellation reports and create new quotes or retrieve existing quotes, including the printing of plain paper finance agreements and coupon books or invoices and real time or batch posting.
  • FinanceMaster®  can reside on your network or our cloud where we handle all maintenance including backups and you realize a significant reduction in up-front costs!
  • The FinanceMaster®  web services provide the means by which you can interact with the software of managing general agents or others for which you might offer private-label or special programs.

Give us the opportunity to discuss your present situation with you. What are your plans for growth? How can we interact with your GA software?