Insurance Companies 2017-12-18T01:01:21-05:00

Financing insurance premiums requires a specialized software application. It involves many Federal and State compliance issues.

Rather than giving the task to your in-house programming staff, talk to us and consider using our FinanceMaster®  software. It can be the ‘engine’ into which you import new business and payments and from which you export data to your own software system.

We are anxious to become involved in your plans to enhance your software systems. We understand that you have complete control over the book of business that you finance. However if you choose to give your agents the additional flexibility of “outside financing” then you may rest assured that our software will manage and process that business most effectively.

Our FinanceMaster®  software system has many features that will help you provide better service to your producers:

  • Your agents can have instant real-time access to their insured’s account simply by logging into your web site.
  • While at your web site, agents and/or insureds can post payments, agents can run production and cancellation reports and create new quotes or retrieve existing quotes, including the printing of plain paper finance agreements and coupon books or invoices.

The reporting capabilities of FinanceMaster®  include the selection of agents by state and includes the export of reports to email, fax or Excel.

Other features of FinanceMaster®  that will decrease your labor costs include the importing of new accounts and/or payments.

Let’s discuss your situation and plans for growth and interaction with other vendor software. We possess the expertise to help you and your staff!