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We have licensed more premium finance companies in the United States than anyone. Our familiarity and past experience with State Licensing Authorities and their documentation requirements will decrease the time it takes to license your insurance premium finance company by a third or more.

We will assist and/or advise you regarding the complete process from beginning to end including incorporation, actions required by your local counsel and deal with all regulators in each of the state(s) in which you wish to do business.

We will coordinate the entire licensing procedure and monitor the process from start to license issuance. Furthermore, we will administrate the completion of all paperwork and rest assured that all information and correspondence will remain CONFIDENTIAL.

instead of an hourly fee, you will be given a fixed amount so you’ll know what your expenses will be BEFORE you begin.

In most cases, you’ll only pay one-half of the fee at the start of the licensing project. The second half of the fee will not be due until the license is issued!

So do not wait any longer. Let us handle the red tape!

Call Kristi Clark at 770.645.1000 x222 or CLICK HERE to email her today.